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Summary0000001: error inserting[1]: Field 'incurl' doesn't have a default value

When I try to upload anything (this was during user registration) this error keeps popping up.

error inserting[1]: Field 'incurl' doesn't have a default value

Actually, where is all the upload management features? I don't see anything in the admin console for Gallery or Video stuff either.
It almost seems as though the upload feature is missing....


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2021-09-06 16:12

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Well, I figured this out. Apparently it is a database issue with the new MySQL 5.7/6.0. Fixed now. There are also some code updates that need doing if you are running PHP 5.6+/7.0 in relation to MySQL and some general upload settings for Youtube and Gallery.
Managed to figure out the upload thing does work however you have to use a general user account (need to create one and assign it journalist permissions) before any of this stuff works. I assumed you could do it as the admin account but apparently not.
This could use some documentation, is there any? I have not been able to find any.

Anyways, so far I've managed to figure this program out.

I guess this project is now dead? I haven't seen anything posted from the author in some time and no new supported only now? Just want to know where this is going, if anywhere. It seems to have great potential....


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